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Drama Club Undergoing Major Changes In The 2022- 2023 Year. 

by GVHSJagJournal
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Full cast of Drama Club 2021-2022 during their performance of The Sound Of Music. Stars from this production were mostly seniors.

“It’s hard to believe that they’re leaving because I’ve grown so close to them over this year. It’s difficult to look at them and know that they won’t be with us next year.”

— Mackenzie Anderson, 9th grade. 

The drama club, along with the majority of clubs at the high school, is undergoing major changes due to the class of 2022 seniors leaving at the end of the year. 

As the 2022 school year is reaching its close, many clubs are concerned that because they are so senior- heavy that their activities will be altered due to the lack of student participants. The class of 2022 made their mark over the past 4 years in their high school career, now what will it be like next year without them?

“I have a few seniors who have been with me since they’ve been in elementary school. I’ve been doing the club long enough that it’s always really sad when a class graduates because you’ve formed relationships with them,” Mrs. Arters said, “They know how you work and you know how they work.”

Mrs. Arters, the director of the entire GVHS Drama Club has seen many senior classes come and go over the past twenty years. The class of 2022 has been filled with students of hers that she’s been with even since the start of their high school career in 2018 and some since they were in elementary school. 

As she sees this class leave, Mrs. Arters is now relying on her 2023 class seniors to lead the club into more success through their performances and activities within the club. Many students are hopeful for the future of the club because they believe that it’s a chance for underclassmen to rise to the occasion. 

“This current group of juniors has stepped up quite a bit. I think we had some loss of people because of COVID and doing our 2020-21 seasons shows outside but the sophomores that year pretty much all stuck with it so I look forward to this upcoming year,” Mrs. Arters said. 

The freshmen class of 2025 made their mark this year, making their presence and leadership known through their attitude and participation. They got a taste of what the club feels like. How does it feel to know such a large class is leaving by the end of this year? Will they rise to the occasion? 

“I think the Drama Club will continue to thrive after they leave because every single year it feels like we won’t be able to manage after they’ve gone, but we always have more people join and the underclassmen really step up to be good leaders,” Levi Schnatz, a 9th grader in Drama Club said. 

Many hopeful underclassmen look forward to the upcoming years in the club, excited for what holds for them in the future but they’re worried too.

“I’m nervous specifically for our boys,” Carli Fruchtl, a 9th grader in Drama Club said, “ we have a lot of senior boys this year with a lot of talent. We may not be able to get as many boys next year which could alter the participation in our club and the shows we are able to do.”

After the success of the new middle school Drama Club, there is hope rising in the new freshman class includigng a few boys will bring talent and interest towards the shows and activities. This will mean new productions with wider diversity in talent and helping maintain the culture of positivity.

Not only Drama Club, but other clubs at the high school are experiencing the same dilemma. These clubs worry that without further participation from underclassmen and new students their clubs will not be as successful. There can only be hope for the future of the clubs of Garnet Valley High School if upcoming students join in all of the activities open to them.

“The Literary Magazine was decimated at the end of last year,” Mrs. Perry said, “this year has been a real challenge because nobody really knows what it is since we have been away from it for so long. Next year will hopefully be a better year for us.” This sentiment felt by many advisors should be seen as an opportunity for underclassmen to take on leadership position.

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