December 11, 2023

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Rainbow Cake Story by Heather Riordan

by GVHSJagJournal
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I like the different layers and the white frosting to separate them.
It is taking me into a fantasy world if I take a bite out of it. I picture myself sitting at a birthday
party with different animals that can talk and dance. I went to the horse barn next to the house
and I looked into each stall until I found one horse that looked very different compared to the
others and looked me into my eyes. I fell in love right away. He is white and has a rainbow mane
and tail and a mark on his left back leg next to his tail. It looked like a cupcake and it was also a
rainbow. He was a tall horse and very pretty. I took him out of his stall out to the cross ties, I
grabbed a saddle pad that was hot pink and saddle that was a shiny black, a bridle that had
gems on the head peace. I took him on a trail ride through the woods to a pond that looked so
bright and clean. The horse I was riding went full speed towards the pond. I could not stop him.
Next thing I knew he had wings and a gold horn and now I’m in the air to the clouds he says “by
the way I’m cupcake, are you having fun my friend?” I’m having the best time ever.
This cake brought me to this story and I love it the best out of everything in the art show.

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