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GVMUN 2022

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Rachel Spears

On Saturday April 2nd 2022, Garnet Valley High School will host its first ever Model UN Conference. Though it will not be nearly as big as the actual UN General Assembly, it will hopefully facilitate huge growth for the club here at GV.

If you have never heard of the Model UN Club, hopefully you have heard of the actual United Nations, an international organization that brings the world together to discuss pressing global issues. Model United Nations is a simulation of the real UN and other multilateral organizations in which the students act as the delegates, or ambassadors. Conferences, events during which Model UN students participate in debates and discussion, are organized by universities, non-profits, and high schools  all over the nation. The GVHS Model UN Club participates in events like these all over our area, some members even winning Outstanding Delegate this past weekend at La Salle MUN, but for the first time will act as host. 

The participating students from various Delco highschools will act as the delegates in a UN Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee that will discuss the Uyghur (also spelled Uighur) Crisis that is currently occurring in western China. In short, there is evidence that the Chinese government has committed humanitarian crimes against the Uyghurs, a minority people group from Northwestern China. The delegates will write resolutions that attempt to solve the problems that have arisen due to this crisis, taking sides and representing their country. It will be a fun and exciting event for those participating and mark the beginning of a new chapter for GVHS Model United Nations.

If you are interested in joining Model UN in the future please contact Miss Brady for more information. Good luck delegates!

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