With the Warm Weather Comes Kittens

By: Ellayna Narkin

As the warm weather surrounds us, the beginning of Kitten Season is on its way. As amazing as this may sound, Kitten Season is a stressful time for rescue workers. During Kitten Season, there are an overwhelming amount of kittens being born. This means that shelters are being overwhelmed, as well as foster homes. This makes it difficult for rescue workers to help all the cats in the area. Kitten Season is caused by the long hours of sunlight starting the heat cycles of unaltered female cats. Kitten Season is from February through October, but primarily in the warmer months. 

What can I do to help? Spaying and neutering is the most direct way to stop the cycle of kittens. TNR is a program where feral cats are trapped, neutered, and returned outdoors. This stops the feral cats from reproducing. Donating or participating in TNR yourself is a great way to combat Kitten Season. Fostering kittens and pregnant mother cats is also a great way to chip in. It’s also important to remember during this time that adult cats also need homes. During Kitten Season, kittens are the primary cats in shelters so they will be adopted first.

Overall, Kitten Season may seem like a wonderful time of the year, but it leads to death, overcrowded shelters, and suffering on the streets. However, it is possible to help, and you may even find your new best friend.

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