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Delco Hi-Q Championship Recap

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Ben Hoyt

The Delco Hi-Q Championships brought a fantastic atmosphere to the auditorium at Garnet Valley High School. The 74th Delco Championships consisted of the teams of Garnet Valley Haverford and Marple Newtown. Marple Newtown has five championships overall in the Delco Championships however this is their first appearance in the championships since 2013. Haverford has made 25 championship appearances overall and a force to the Delco Championships year after year. Garnet Valley has made 27 championship appearances and has won six since 2011.  Delaware County Christian school the defending champions failed to qualify this season so coming in there will be a new defending champion. The first category was current events and each team got it correct across the board. Each team then got the history category correct without any hesitation. The first slip up came with the Jaguars getting a question wrong in the science category and Marple Newtown swooped up the steal to get one point. However Marple also got one wrong and the Jags took an eye for an eye and got a bonus point back from Marple. Haverford started to pull away from the competition winning 16-9-9 after getting the sports question right, coming up with Monica Selus when no other team could.  After the math category both Marple and Haverford got a question right putting the score at 24-13-17. However after  the Shakespeare category Marple bounced back only down by three to Haverford. At the break after the Geography category it was Haverford winning  29-21-21. After the break they moved into Chemistry, Garnet Valley bounced back getting the first question correct, but Haverford remained near flawless getting their question correct as well, followed up by Marple sweeping the category. Garnet Valley made a push in the Toss up category when both teams got it wrong pushing the score to 41-37-33. With the last question of the competition the score was Haverford 49 Garnet Valley 44 and Marple Newtown 46. Garnet Valley got the last question right making the final score Haverford 49 Garnet Valley 48.

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