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The Evolution of Filters

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Avery Eskin

Snapchat was created in July of 2011. It started with silly filters of looking like a dog or swapping faces with a friend. So why do filters now revolve around making the user fit society’s beauty standards?

On every social media post you see, there is a filter. It has become normalized, and encouraged, for everyone to cover their blemishes or anything even close to being considered an imperfection.

But, it goes much further than just covering acne. Filters started to put excessive makeup on the user. As well as makeup, filters alter bone structure, making faces appear slimmer and more chiseled. There are even filters for changing someone’s figure, which are commonly used. 

Modifying bodies has been going on since the start of social media, a large example being the Kardashians. This has worsened society’s body and beauty standards, especially for women. 

Overall, this has had an effect on many young girls, who are unaware that their favorite social media stars are even using filters. What was once entertaining is now expected to be used to make one look “better”. 

The long-term effects of filters are enormous. Filters are connected to developing or worsening body dysmorphia. This negatively affects one’s perception of their appearance to how it truly is. Body dysmorphia leads to many mental health issues such as depression and eating disorders.

Overall, the filters that are now normalized perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards. It is truly saddening to see how filters went from being fun to faltering self love.

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