The Olympics So Far

By: Kate Romanelli

The 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, China have been fun to watch and have had some amazing performances and games.

So far Germany has taken the lead with seven gold medals. Germany got the gold during the Team relay. Austria has the most medals altogether with the current standing at thirteen medals.

The United States currently has ten medals all together with four gold, five silver, and one bronze. The USA is currently in sixth place. American Athletes like Nathan Chen had an amazing performance in the short-term skate and broke world records. He also received a gold medal for figure skating.

Another American athlete, Lindsay Jacob Ellis had an amazing performance in the snowboarding cross final. Lindsay became the oldest American athlete to place at any winter Olympics. 

Norway is currently in second place with five gold medals and twelve medals altogether. Norwegian athlete Therese Johaug got two gold medals in the Women’s Cross-Country for skiing. Norway is also the country to win the most Winter Olympics. 

Austria stands in third place with four gold medals and has thirteen medals in total. Alessandro Hammerle got the gold in the Men’s Snowboard Cross. Getting another gold for Austria. He has done some amazing runs for Austria and probably will continue to do so. 

So overall, the Olympics have had some great performances and even a world record was broken. As they continue through February 20th, 2022, there will probably be more surprises and some more amazing performances.


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