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Why are Super Bowl Tickets so Expensive?

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Kate Romanelli

Over the years, Super Bowl tickets have not been cheap. They have mostly been between hundreds and thousands of dollars. The most expensive tickets sold were about 14,000 tickets. For three tickets this added up to about 42,000 dollars. 

However, in recent years, super bowl tickets have gone up and have become more expensive. This year The Los Angeles Rams and The Cincinnati Bengals will face off in the SoFi Stadium in California on February 13th, 2022.

Most ticket packages for this year’s Super Bowl are over 5,000-9,000 dollars. However, there have been many tickets sold that were about 10,000 dollars. If you want good seats, like front row, box, VIP, etc., then tickets could be around 25,000 dollars per person. 

That’s a rise in ticket prices. In 2020, Super Bowl tickets were similar but a tiny bit less. Most ticket packages were about 5,400 dollars. 

Even though the Bengals have been in the Super Bowl before, they have never won. This is causing more ticket prices to go up and be sold. 

Statistics showing how much the median ticket range has been between 2010-2020. It shows how expensive some years for the Super Bowl were.

So far, thousands of tickets have been sold for a ton of money. Though tickets are not sold out, more people are buying tickets (mostly for good seats) for over 10,000 dollars. 

Overall, in recent years, Super Bowl tickets prices have gone up each year. Even the worst seats have been over 1,000 dollars per ticket. Ticket prices will probably keep going up based on how many people go, who’s playing, and which sections of seats most people go to.  

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