November 29, 2023

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Georgia Bowes Almost Dies Twice as an Infant?

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Ava Yau

Georgia Bowes was born October 18, 2004, and on her first day home from the hospital, her brother was already causing problems for her. She explains how when she was just a newborn baby she had her first traumatic experience. And not even three years later a second life-fearing memory. Georgia makes her story clear during our interview and notes, “I’ve had many accidental near-death experiences due to my brother.” When Georgia came home from the hospital she was in her carrier when her two-year-old brother, Matt Bowes, dropped his sippy cup from the staircase above. The sippy cup landed an inch next to her head but if it were any closer than it could have caused severe injuries to her as a newborn. When Georgia was three and her brother was five her life almost ended due to a treadmill incident. The treadmill was folded, the fold was being held together with a pin that could be easily removed. As Georgia sat on the ground her brother removed the pin not knowing it would release the base of the treadmill to fall to the ground. The end of the treadmill skinned her back just barely missing her head, with only an injury to her back she survived the accident. Georgia and her brother are closer than ever and know that all incidents were just accidents. 

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