November 29, 2023

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Some Thoughts on Garnet Valley’s Upcoming Orchestra Concert

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Santiago Felice

Depending on where your interests lie, you may or may not have heard about the Orchestra concert that will be occurring at the High School very soon, with a full performance taking place on January 10th. Now, while I don’t take too heavily an interest in music, I do want to say that the people who take part in school programs relating to music, especially in GVMS and GVHS, really do deserve to have some applause given to them for their hard work. 

It’s not an easy hobby to maintain, as it’s one that requires a lot of dedication to learn and improve at, a dedication that will lead to a night that they will remember for a long time to come. This leads to there being plenty of reasons as to why you should give some time to taking a seat in the auditorium and have a listen to the beautiful sounds dancing around the room. It really relaxes the brain and allows you to release some stress from anything that may be plaguing you. Especially since it will be taking place on a Monday, 6:30-8:30 if you’re interested in specifics like that. 

Concerts in general really contain their own vibe, with you being able to truly feel yourself at the moment experiencing all of what everyone on the stage worked so hard to produce. In fact, when I went to prior concerts held at the High School, I really got to see how everything came together in a way that never fails to put a smile on my face. From the people in the light booth to the surrounding audience clapping at the finish of a music piece to the performance itself, it makes for an experience that becomes really hard to replicate perfectly anywhere else.

Overall, you can tell that the School Orchestra here at Garnet Valley really does care about putting together something that everyone in the auditorium will have a hard time forgetting. All of these variables put together lead me to believe that the upcoming performance will be no different, a sound of music that will make you forget about your troubles, even if only for two hours. 

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