Mr. Sherrer and CAD Take on Prop Making

By Kathryn Hutchinson

As the GV drama club crew members painted their way to November 18, Mr. Sherrer and the CAD students have stepped up to help the prop-making process. Mr. Sherrer tasked his students to design and create Fairy Godmother’s wand, lollipops, and so much more for the fall production of Descendants. Mr. Sherrer has been teaching at Garnet Valley for six years. In his time he has taught classes such as Intro to engineering and design in addition to computer engineering and design. He says that his favorite part of the process is watching his students utilize the past things he has taught them such as planning, problem-solving, and delegating tasks. He also said that the biggest struggle was trying to get all of the pieces to join together and stay there. 

I interviewed students Wolfgang Schnatz, Nick O’Brien, Vincent DeJohn, and Relic Law. The students said they all had an idea of what they wanted to do but, in the end, they designed all of the pieces. I asked them what they enjoyed most about designing the wand. Nick O’Brien is in his senior year and was responsible for creating the top half of the wand. He said his favorite part was also enjoyed stepping up as a leader and working with his classmates. All three also agreed that being creative and finding solutions to their issues was the best part. The main issue that the three students agreed upon was that it was difficult to assemble the pieces together. The class did many trial runs with the wand and sometimes each individual piece would work but then they would not fit on the finished product. I also asked in their minds if a hotdog was indeed a sandwich, two said yes and two said no, so the question continues as to if a hotdog should be considered a sandwich. 

Just like a show cannot go on without actors, those behind the scenes are the backbone of the entire production. Thank you, Mr. Sherrer and the CAD class for contributing to the GVPAA fall production of Descendants: The Musical!

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