December 6, 2023

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Keeping Black Cats Safe During Halloween

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Ellayna Narkin

Many cultures have unique opinions about black cats. Some are positive, claiming they bring positivity and good fortune. Others, not so much. Black cats have long been seen as “bad luck”, and they are among the least adopted animals in shelters. You may think this stigma doesn’t exist anymore, but that is far from the truth. During Halloween, some terrible people find it entertaining to harm black cats and sometimes even kill them. Many shelters refuse to adopt black cats during the Halloween season, sometimes up to the whole month of October. 

How can you keep your black cat safe? It is important to remember that during Halloween time, some people will do erratic things. This could affect your pet as well. To keep your cat safe, keep them indoors during the month of October, especially on Halloween night and the days leading up to it. Provide them with a collar containing your contact information in case they escape your house. This could hopefully deter mischief from your owned cat, as well as help to return them home. Look out for neighborhood cats and do your best to keep them safe, including warning and educating their owners. Together, we can help prevent terrible things from happening to our beloved black cats.

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