December 6, 2023

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Join Sports Statistics and Analytics Club!

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By: Jeremy Park

Every sports fan has been there. Arguing with your friends at the lunch table, bus, or really anywhere about who’s the GOAT, who’s gonna win, who’s better. If you want to start getting some knowledge about what really goes down in the playing zone, join Sports Analytics Club! Here are some answers to the questions you might have. 

Q: What will Sports Statistics and Analytics Club do in each meeting?

Club President Sam Bennett: Members will propose what they want to research, give presentations about any sports stats or facts they find interesting, have group discussions and debates, hopefully have some guest speakers, and play prediction-based games like Stay Hot Locks and Survivor (not the TV show). A field trip to Lincoln Financial Field is also in the works.

Q: What will the atmosphere be like? Laidback? Official?

A: Casual, a place to have fun

Q: How can one get involved?

A: You can email Mr. Panepinto ( to join, and the club is held on Thursdays during Learn 1 in room B128.

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