December 6, 2023

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Why You Should Join the Sports Broadcasting Club

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Ryan Croke

Are you interested in calling games for Garnet Valley sports teams? Do you want to gain some on-air experience? Are you eager to learn and grow as a broadcaster? Well, every Friday during Learn 1 in Mr. Dravuschak’s room, E302, the Sports Broadcasting Club meets to discuss future broadcasts and is eager to welcome new members to the team. Club co-presidents Alec Eskin and Ben Hoyt are looking to make the most of their senior year at Garnet Valley, and this includes covering as many games as possible and setting up the club to continue to grow in the future. If you want a chance to call play-by-play for your Garnet Valley Jaguars, this is the perfect opportunity for you. 

I had a chance to talk with Alec Eskin himself, and was able to ask him some questions about the club:

Q: Do students need to be an amazing broadcaster in order to join the club?

A: Students do not need to be Joe Buck or Tony Romo to be a commentator. The point of being in the club is so you get experience if you want to do this beyond high school. In my opinion, with more time behind the mic, you will get better over time. Hence, we always encourage new people to commentate games.

Q: What experience does the Club offer to students?

A: The experience that it offers is one that will give a person a great sports atmosphere, a sense of friendship, and one that will give a sense of responsibility.

Q: Are there opportunities for those who want to learn how the production of a game works, like the technology and camera work, that is necessary for a broadcast?

A: There are always opportunities for those who want to learn more about the technology and camera work aspect of broadcasts. We understand that not everyone is comfortable speaking on a livestream and or are more interested in the behind the scenes stuff. Also, there will be a job which involves taking statistics during games which will be said on live broadcasts.Contact Alec Eskin and Ben Hoyt for any other questions you may have about the club, and if you want to check out the broadcasts, visit the Garnet Valley Athletics YouTube channel!

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