Should Cats Wear Collars?

By: Ellayna Narkin

Collars are adorable accessories with many different designs and colors. Most commonly found on dogs, collars are both functional and stylish. We know dogs typically wear collars for identification purposes and leashing, but what about cats? Cats are most commonly indoor only, with some exceptions for outdoor cats. Indoor cats don’t have the leashing needs, but collars can still serve a useful purpose. Collars with bells can help you know where your cat is located in your house. Collars with name and contact information are useful in case of the escape of your indoor cat. However, it is important to use safe collars. Breakaway collars are the safest option for any cat. Cats can get themselves into situations where the collar can get stuck on different materials or objects. It is important to use a breakaway collar, which will come off in situations where it is stuck. Using collars without breakaways can lead to choking and other safety hazards. Outdoor cats absolutely should wear a collar. In the case that a cat leaves the area near their home, it is important to have a way to contact the owner. It is also important for people to identify the fact that the cat has an owner to avoid possibly taking in or feeding an owned cat. Collars are useful and adorable accessories with added benefits for your cat. 

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