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 Garnet Valley’s Black Student Union

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By: Rachel Jason

It all began with one female student. She created a group chat with a few students who soon, together, formed a coalition. We welcome Garnet Valley’s first Black Student Union. Nashetah Thomas-EL strived to create the Black Student Union for about 3 months with the intent of creating a safe space for the Black student population in Garnet Valley. 

Nashetah Thomas-EL, founder and president of BSU

Their mission statement is to unite and empower Black students in Garnet Valley High School by the creation of a space where these students are able to connect through the communication of shared experiences and engagement in activities that enhance communal bonds. “Not only do we stand for connecting through our shared experiences, but we stand for addressing social and racial issues because they are very personal to us.” (Thomas-EL) 

After the racial awakenings of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, the need for the Black Student Union increased. “Being able to connect through our different experiences, but also our collective shared experiences as a Black person is the purpose of the BSU,” (Thomas-EL). 

Nashetah’s mother, Dr. Shawnna Thomas-EL, is the official advisor of the Black Student Union.

The Black Student Union is planning several events such as hosting slam poetry nights or fundraisers that support Black-owned businesses. Additionally, they plan on collaborating with the HERE club for potential field trips and other activities. 

After gaining more members from the freshman orientation, the BSU currently has 25 members and continues to welcome more. Any students (Black or non-Black) who support their mission and is interested in joining, please contact one of the officers and/or direct message their Instagram @bsugvhs 

Officers of BSU
Nashetah Thomas-EL (President)

Nate Dada (Vice President) 

Nimi Shoyinka (Secretary) 

Chideraa Emma-Uguowoke (Public Relations)

Cameran Ramos-Bleen (Treasurer)

Hayden Braynen (Student Outreach liaison)



The Black Student Union at Garnet Valley’s freshman orientation 

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