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New Schedule Overview

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By: Ryan Croke

Tuesday saw the beginning of a new year and the implementation of yet another new schedule at Garnet Valley High School. Starting a new school year can be very daunting for anyone, but this year in particular for sophomores and freshmen, as most of, if not all of, these students haven’t been in the high school for more than a couple of days. This combined with the new schedule may be pretty confusing for some students these first few days of school. I hope this article can provide some clarity on the schedule and answer any questions students may have. 

The Schedule

The Basics

Pictured above is the schedule for the 2021-2022 school year. Period 1 begins at 8:35 am, although there is time before the day begins students can visit teachers, complete schoolwork, or even sleep in before the day officially gets started. Each class period lasts for 70 minutes, with 5-minute breaks in between classes to travel to the next class. 

Lunch and Learn

After 2 periods of class pass by, the 70-minute lunch and learn period begins. The period is divided into two separate 35-minute halves, and students eat lunch in one half and go to a teacher’s classroom for learn in the other half. Depending on the teacher whose learn period students sign up for the week prior, students either eat lunch in the first half of the lunch and learn period, lasting from 11:00 – 11:35, or in the second half, lasting from 11:35 – 12:10. After lunch and learn is over, students report to their third class of the day. During learn, students should ask teachers they need to see for help or work on some of their homework or ABC work, which will be discussed later. 

End of the Day

The day ends at 2:35, and students should head to buses or their cars unless they have a sports team practice or club meeting to attend. If students don’t know the location of their bus, below is a map of bus locations.

Bus Locations

Building Map

Map of the Building

If any students don’t know where a class is, they can use this map to find the location of where they’re supposed to be going. If they are still unsure of a class’ location, they can ask a teacher for help. 

I hope this article was helpful and clarified any confusing details and answered any questions that students might have about the new schedule or what their school day looks like. Good luck to everyone in the new school year! 

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