Garnet Valley Gets Great First Game Win Over Downingtown West

By: Emily Nevy

The Garnet Valley had an A+ performance against Downingtown West, beating them 41-7. With many helmets flying, the first game of the season was a strong win. Garnet Valley’s defense was oppressive, preventing Downingtown from scoring until the last quarter, scoring their first and only touchdown. During the 1st quarter number 14 Joey Halloran blitz, forcing Downingtown to get rid of the ball making it incomplete. Throughout the four quarters the offence bolted the ball from the other side of the end zone to the other, scoring massive amounts of touchdowns. That is just one example that shows the Garnet Valley offense dominating the field. With the fans screaming and the stands filled, the Garnet Valley Jaguars came out on top. It was a great night to be a Jag!

The next game is September 3 at Conestoga High School, kick off will be at 7pm. Go Jags!

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