“Six of Crows” Review

By Kathryn Hutchinson

Six of Crows is the first of a two book duology and the fourth book in the Grishaverse. This duology follows the story of six teenagers, Kaz the Barrel boss, Inej the spy, Jesper the sharpshooter, Nina the Grisha, Wylan the runaway son, and Matthias the ex-convict, as they try to pull off an impossible heist. Ketterdam is a place where money controls everything. Kaz is given the opportunity to make himself and his Crows rich when he gets recruited by Jan Van Ecyk. Kaz and the Crows must break into the Ice Court, an elaborate security prison, and retrieve one man who was able to make a drug, parem, even more addictive than before. But when things begin to go wrong, the Crows must gather every bit of strength they have to make it out alive. 

This book contains everything an amazing book should have. A well organized, thought-out, and interesting plot, incredible character development, and relationships that make the reader believe in love. It also contains an extremely diverse set of characters and opens so many conversations about mental health, racism, and sexism is incredible. Kaz and Inej both suffer from PTSD from things that happened to them as children. Matthias comes from the DrushelleI whose main purpose is to kill Grishas like Nina. The development seen from these specific characters throughout both books is insane but the amount of development they all have in Six of Crows is a reason to read it. 

Six of Crows is perfect for anyone who loves reading and wants a good page turner. Bardugo also has three books called Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising which is recommended to be read before Crooked Kingdom, book 2 of this duology, in order to understand the ending. 

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