Garnet Valley Musicians Recognized by Pennsylvania Music Educators’ Association

Message from Dr. Selfridge:

Our music department is proud to announce the following students who earned recognition through the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association. These students auditioned in a virtual format, and based on judges’ scoring, were named among the top student musicians in our region and state.  If you have these students in class, feel free to congratulate them in person (or on Zoom!):

All-State Band: Logan Craley (trumpet)

All-State Orchestra: Sathvik Chadive (trumpet)

District 12 Orchestra: Manya Ajith (violin) and Sathvik Chadive (trumpet)

District 12 Band: Sathvik Chadive (trumpet), Logan Craley (trumpet), Nicholas Crothamel (trumpet), Gregory Lederer (trumpet), and Amos Zou (trombone)

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