Garnet Valley Drama Club: Pandemic Edition

By Kathryn Hutchinson

The current circumstances have left many feeling hopeless and sad. As students navigate remote learning while educators navigate how to teach, many clubs and activities have been altered to fit the circumstances and the Garnet Valley Drama Club is no different. After the unfortunate cancellation of what was supposed to be the fall show The Addams Family, the drama club created their own show called Our World Stopped. The show was very successful while also maintaining social distancing and masking guidelines.

Currently, the GV Drama Club is rehearsing for their spring show Newsies! With rehearsals and other activities taking place on Zoom for the most part, they are slowly moving to in person rehearsals in the parking lot of Pennington School. All students participating are required to wear masks at all rehearsals and performances while also staying six feet apart at all times. As of March 22, 2021, all students participating in Newsies will receive Covid-19 tests in the nurse’s office every Monday.

Newsies will be performed live at Pennington School on April 8, 9, 10, and 16th. To order tickets, head to and get them while you still can! This summer GVPAA will also be hosting camps for anyone interested in bettering their skills or just looking for something to do this summer. K-5 will be doing Moana while 6-12 does Fame. All of this can be found on along with more information about Newsies and summer camp.

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