December 2, 2023

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Cooking in Quarantine

by GVHSJagJournal
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By Kate Romanelli

While in quarantine, many of us picked up hobbies that we’ve never done before. One of those hobbies was cooking. Over quarantine, I started to cook more and I really enjoyed it.

I started by helping my dad make pasta and meatballs. We would also make the sauce too. Then, I started to bake brownies and cookies. Before this, I would just put stuff in the microwave or heat something up a little bit in the oven. Now, I can use the stove too.

I can also make pancakes and for Christmas, I got a Friends cookbook, which is based off the respective tv show. Also, I got a mini waffle maker and I have been making waffles almost every weekend. My dad and I also made artichoke dip from a recipe in my Friends cookbook. 

My birthday was last week and my grandmother gave me a mini bundt cake maker. It’s similar to the waffle maker. I haven’t made any bundt cakes yet, but I think I will this weekend. 

That is something I learned over quarantine. What hobbies did you pick up? 

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