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A Conversation with Sanjana Chadive, Editor-in-Chief of the Jaguar Journal

by GVHSJagJournal
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Conducted by Kevin Genthert

For a time regarded as devastating, hurtful, and destructive for most activities and organizations, Sanjana Chadive has played a massive part in giving the Jaguar Journal one of its most successful years so far – in the middle of a pandemic. With no in-person meetings or ability to see each other face to face, she has worked diligently to keep the club’s members motivated and working hard in a time where both are hard to come by. Here I took a deeper look into what she has done to reach this level of success:

Question: How long have you been doing this now?

Answer: She has served as editor-in-chief for two years but has been a member of the club all four years and was first promoted to features editor in sophomore year.

Question: Did you always want to be the editor-in-chief of the club? Has anything unexpected come from it?

Answer: Yes, it was Sanjana’s “goal since day one”. She wanted to write as many articles as she could and “one day hopefully become editor-in-chief”. She never expected to reach a record number of views during her time as editor-in-chief, especially during a pandemic. 

Question: What is your favorite memory from the Jaguar Journal?

Answer: Writing articles with her closest friends and watching all of them join and enjoy it. Being able to get closer and bond over something like this was a huge deal for her. Jaguar Journal helped Sanjana stay closer with her friends and even reconnect with some during the pandemic. 

Question: What do you think has contributed to this year’s success? 

Answer: Promoting our articles to teachers and posting/sending them wherever they will be seen. Mr. Brandt helped a lot with putting articles in the weekly e-alerts and being a supporter in a high position. 

Question: If you could do anything differently since you took over as president what would it be?

Answer: Sanjana’s adamant that though nothing is ever perfect, she is happy with how everything has gone, and would not change a thing.  

Question: How do you see the Jaguar Journal going forward in the next couple of years?

Answer: She is happy with the success right now, but there is no reason to think we should not be able to reach even higher levels of success, and there will be no complacency. If the club continues the way it is now, she can see the website growing and expand to the point where more people will want to join. Some day in the future, the Jaguar Journal could potentially become something even bigger. 

Question: How can you continue on the success seen in January?

Answer: Coming off of the highest viewed month in history, Miss Chadive believes we can continue this success by writing more emotionally-driven articles with powerful messages that are personable to students and members of the club.

Question: Do you plan on doing more with journalism after high school?

Answer: She plans on studying journalism in college and hopefully move to a city in pursuit of a career in investigative journalism.

Question: What do you have to say to the next editor-in-chief(s) of the Jaguar Journal?

Answer: Sanjana urges them to tell the stories of people who may not be well-known by the community. Even if something does not seem like an interesting article, give it a chance and see how it turns out; sometimes the least promising articles will surprise you the most.

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