Let’s Get Spiritual: Crystals!

By Brooke Lovelace

In today’s world, sometimes you need a little extra mojo in order to make it through the day. Spirits have been running low and bad days seem to be piling up in 2021, but is there a potential solution? Let’s talk about crystals! Getting right into the basics, crystals are symbolic tokens of luck and good energy that can be carried throughout the day as a method of spreading positivity and light. They come straight from the earth itself which connects you to the planet when you use them. Examples of some great crystals to use along with their purposes are below:) 

  1. Amethyst

 If you are a beginner in the world of crystals, Amethyst is for you. It is the ultimate protection stone and relieves stress and strain from daily life. Amethyst can also protect you against various mood swings such as anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. It is a beautiful purple stone that can be worn as a pendant, bracelet, or just carried. 

  1. Rose Quartz

Do you need some more love in your life? Rose quartz will give you just that! Not only does this crystal promote relationship love, but also self-love which is extremely important these days. This enticing pink stone promotes feelings of peace and tranquility, enhances compassion, and helps with the healing of the heart. 

  1. Citrine 

This crystal is my personal favorite and I use it throughout the day. The main job of this powerful stone is emotional balancing. It releases negativity such as depression, fears, or phobias and increases concentration. So if you are having trouble concentrating in class or feelings of stress or anxiety, citrine is perfect for you. 

I know this all may seem far-fetched to some, but I really encourage the use of crystals for those who are willing to try and learn new things. As someone who uses them, I noticed a change in my life in which I became more open-minded and compassionate to things I may not understand at first. If you are interested, there are some great crystal shops around Garnet Valley and Philadelphia!

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