“Holding Up the Universe” Review

By Brooke Lovelace

Jennifer Niven keeps readers on the edge of their seats in her novel Holding Up the Universe. Libby Strout, formerly declared world’s fattest teen, re-enters the world of highschool after being house-bound for three years. She soon meets Jack Masseline and their worlds collide like never imagined. Jack is your basic popular boy who runs the school with his cocky attitude and untameable hair, but is he as normal as everyone presumes? In the first chapter of the book, the reader discovers he is undiagnosed with face-blindness which is the inability to recognize even those you love. He stumbles through high school literally blind to those around him. This is until he meets Libby Strout and she becomes his life raft in the storm around him. Follow their journey together through the ups-and-downs of high school, battling stereotypes, and teen-romance in this bestselling novel; you won’t regret it! 

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