GVHS Annual Blood Drive to be Held at Concordville Inn

Message from Kaitlyn Henning:

February is quickly approaching, which means that the Student Council will be having our annual GVHS Blood Drive on February 17th (2-7 PM) at The Concordville Inn! My name is Kaitlyn Henning and I have been working with Maya Langin and Julianna Keller along with the GVHS Student Council to organize our event. If you are 16 years or older, we would love it if you donated, because now more than ever, the Red Cross is in need of blood donations. In addition to saving 3 lives, each blood donation will be tested for COVID-19 antibodies (and you will be notified of these results after your appointment).

Social distancing, minimal signups per time slot, and a mask mandate have been implemented, along with other COVID safety protocols, to ensure that the blood drive is safe. Anyone in the community is welcome to sign up, so please encourage siblings, parents, and friends over the age of 16! Eligibility is based on height/weight, traveling history, and recent illnesses, which will all be asked through the registration link.

Use this link to register (sign up here)! If you are 16, you are not able to sign up on the national website. Instead, please email @jillian.daws@redcross.org saying that you would like to donate, and she will register you. All GVHS Students will also need a parent signature, which you can complete online through this link. We really hope to see you all there, and please reach out if you have any questions!

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