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Organizing Yourself in 2021

by GVHSJagJournal
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By Lila Troum

Along with the new year come the difficulties and lessons learned from the past year and the rushing thoughts of, “how can I positively change this year?” When it comes to the new year and new change, resolutions are easily conjured up, but they are not usually stuck with. Even though the new year has already kicked into high gear, there are some ways to motivate yourself to push through and carry out those resolutions. 

The first thing to take into consideration is your goal. Having a measurable goal is ideal. The second thing you want to do is write down the goal, whether it’s measurable or not. A notebook or a laptop works, just somewhere you can continue to monitor how your resolution is going. The third thing you can do is note your progress. Whether jotting down how many miles you ran that day, or two nice things you did for someone, understanding how you’re achieving your goal is ideal. 

But, then there’s the issue of sticking with it. With most new year’s resolutions comes the nasty thought of giving up. Sometimes a resolution lasts for a week or two, then you’re done. Being dedicated and really wanting to work for your goal is essential. The mindset of bettering yourself as a person, and being able to envision yourself reaching your goal can motivate you to want to continue. Surrounding yourself with positive people who encourage you to be better is something to take into consideration as well. 

Make 2021 your year to become a better version of yourself. Make a plan, set a goal and you’re golden. It’s never too late to try and become your best self.

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