Sydney Pyon’s 10 Favorite Things

Sydney Pyon loves a world that is full of quality time with others, decadent food, and scenic places. She is a 17 year old that lives in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania, and wishes for nothing more than to live in the moment amongst a bustling world that surrounds her. As she has entered her senior year of high school, she has definitely discovered some of her favorite things–artists, foods, activities, & clothing items, and she shares them below!

  1. Cinnamon Buns

The sticky, icing-covered fingers that you are left with is the only downside to a nice cinnamon bun. Something about the cinnamon and cream-cheese frosting combo is one that is irreplaceable in my mind. While some cinnamon buns can prove to be too rich, the best places (mine is Fritz Bakery in Bensalem, PA) master the two to ensure that the frosting is not too sweet and neutralizes the sticky bun. It is my favorite breakfast, although it is more like a dessert (maybe that’s why I like it?), and a perfect treat to start the weekend. 

  1. Sledding 

I haven’t sledded in years until this past week, but I forgot how much I enjoyed it. The freedom of flying down that icy hill is liberating, and an activity that makes you feel young again. Although daunting at times, sledding, which is a seasonal activity, is one of my favorite things to do with good company (especially when everyone flies off of the sled). 

  1. Ritual by Wrabel

This song’s lyrics are about young love, but I don’t love it for the reason of the lyrics. The vibes that it emits: optimistic and upbeat, are my favorite. I can’t describe what about this song I love so much, but it is in part due to the memories that are tied to it: spending time with my friends over the summer with good weather, driving in the car with the windows down. 

  1. 65 degree Summer Weather

65-70 degrees is the most ideal weather. No matter the season. When the sun is about to set, and it is 7 PM, there is no better condition than a breeze at this temperature. The atmosphere brings back memories tied to good Summer weather, and it is simply the most ideal for any summer activity: barbecue, walk, party, etc. 

  1. Driving with the Windows Down

Preferably during the Summer with this aforementioned 65-70 degree weather, I love nothing more than to drive with the car windows down and have my most favorite playlist bopping in the background. It is even better with my friends in the passenger seat, although I enjoy these rides just as much on my own. The way that the summer breeze catching my hair and filling the car feels, and the fresh aroma that it brings with it, is a feeling that I could never replicate. 

  1. Sunsets

I often find myself completing homework at my desk facing the windows of my home and leaping up at the sight of a red sun peeking through my shutters. I run down the stairs and fling open my front door in attempts to not miss the fleeting sunsets that I have come to love so greatly over the years. I am fascinated by the way that the colors streak across the sky in accordance with an array of clouds and always whip out my camera to snap the best shot to keep this moment frozen in time forever. 

  1. Sequence

Over quarantine, my family started routinely playing the strategy board and card game Sequence. We have played over 250 games, which last about 20-30 minutes each, over the course of the past nine months. Something about this quality family time, away from our phones and the stresses of the pandemic, always gave me a sense of tranquility, and I highly recommend this game for anyone who loves a competitive logic game. This game played such a large role in my life the past year that I even wrote one of my college essays about it!

  1. Phoenix, AZ

The fact that Phoenix is home to all of my extended family whom I love so much is reason enough for me to love this place. Even more than that, however, Phoenix has the best shops, restaurants, downtown areas, mountain ranges, and especially the best sunsets. This place is the culmination of all of my favorite things, and the fact that it is the place that I have the best memories with all of my family makes it that much better. 

  1. XL Sweatshirts

I love the way that an X-Large sweatshirt fits. I love to wear comfy clothes more than anything, but especially ones that are far too large for me. The main source of this staple clothing item of mine is my dad’s closet–much to his dismay. 

  1. Bike Rides

I love to ride a bike. As an avid runner, biking is one of my favorite alternative forms of cardio. The therapeutic nature of this rhythmic pedaling motion makes it such an enjoyable activity for me. Whether it is for a hardcore cycle class, or a stroll in my neighborhood at dusk on my old bike, bike rides are definitely one of my favorite things.

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