Britney Myhand’s 10 Favorite Things

I come from materialistic things & constantly trying to prove a point. I look back on those brief moments, but sometimes they surprise me with the occasional “1 year ago today”. It wasn’t until I moved from my hometown that I realized that I didn’t know who I genuinely was besides the constant need to prove an image. Since then, I’ve learned self love & have mentally became aware of my priorities. I know now the meaning of true happiness. It’s not about the materialistic things, but the simple things that make you smile or giggle without knowledge. The following are some of my favorite things.

  1. Deep Talks

I enjoy deep talks that are meaningful. Something beyond than just a simple “wyd” every five seconds. Elaborate on your personal conspiracy theories & what makes you genuinely you. Deep talks are also easy access to someone’s mental age or knowledge capacity. I love deep talks because they allow me to know people beyond the surface view.

2. My Musical Outburts

I’m aware I can’t sing, but who still doesn’t try when they’re behind closed doors? Or when their favorite song plays on their playlist? I love listening to my favorite playlist & dancing in the mirror making up choreography as I go. Typically, I stand in the mirror jumping up & down with my headphones recessed in my favorite tune.

3. My Chick-Fil-A Meal Number One

Since elementary school, I’ve gotten the same meal at Chick-Fil-A. Despite the line continuously reaching lengths–typically too much for my patience–I wait. I get the same exactly every time. A number one (a Chick-Fil-A sandwich), with waffle fries (including polynesian sauce), & a medium lemonade. I enjoy the taste & how clean the company keeps their area.

4. My Phone Calls with Niia

Niia has been in my life since 2018. Despite me moving & assuming our conversations would fade away, they haven’t. She keeps me up with words of encouragement, & our conversations reach from state to state. Next year, we are also going to the same college down south.

5. Enjoying Waffles While Watching YouTube

I make waffles almost every day by mixing batter & putting it in my family machine we bought years ago. I love waffles with the fluff & “Log Cabin Syrup”. What way to better enjoy it than with the inclusion of my favorite YouTubers? I enjoy pressing play & briefly waiting for the video to start, so that I can be able to do both at the same time.

6. Uncontrollable Laughter

I enjoy the laughter where your stomach tenses & the pain of laughter from your stomach explodes from the lower part of your stomach. My uncontrollable laughter can come within the most terrible times, but boy doesn’t it feel good…the smile that strains your face with every branch of laughter?

7. Practicing Makeup Without Anywhere To Go

I love doing my makeup when I have nowhere to go, which is something a lot of females do. I practice my skills & try new techniques I’ve learned off Tik Tok or Instagram. Some of these include contour & eyeshadow techniques. It brings me happiness because of the huge world of makeup & new things to learn within it.

8. Self Care

There are moments where tending to yourself should became your main priority. I enjoy simple things like getting my nails done or even a mall experience where I go all out on myself. It helps me refocus & it genuinely makes me feel relieved & good.

9. My Favorite Hair Routine

Since my big chop on January 23, 2020, I’ve grown to love my natural hair. I genuinely love listening to my “Vibes” playlist which includes soft R&B, & taking my time on moisturizing my hair. I start by using my homemade hair oil & begin to mix it with water while applying it to each growing strand.

10. My Powerful Naps

There’s nothing more that I love than simply waking up thinking, “What time is it? How many hours did I make?” I blame this as being my favorite thing because of my mother training both me & my siblings to take a nap after a long day. I wrap myself in my warm fuzzy grey blanket, text my peers about the nap eventually coming up, & turn my phone on “do not disturb.”

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