Sage Klingensmith’s 10 Favorite Things

  1. Belly laughs with my family

Being around my family brings me joy, even though sometimes I do get irritated. We always share so many laughs together. 

2. My friends

Hanging out with friends allows me to be myself and be spontaneous.

3. Working

Going to work makes me feel better about myself and allows me to make money as well. I also love to talk to the people I work with and the guests as well because you can have so many great conversations.

4. Winter

I always thought that summer was my favorite season, but recently winter has been making a come back. Even though the cold is not always enjoyable, winter has so many different things to offer.  

5. Coffee

Coffee gives me a good source of energy and starts my morning off right.

6. Being in a good mood

I like to be in a good mood and try to put others around me in a good mood as well.

7. Picking out my outfit

I can express myself through my outfits.

8. Breakfast

Making a good breakfast always starts my day off on the right foot as well as my coffee that goes along with it. It wakes me up and sparks my creativity while creating new concoctions. 

9. Sleeping in

Sleeping in makes my whole day better.

10. Music

I listen to music with everything I do. I would not be able to do half the things I do without music.

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