Natalie Suda’s 10 Favorite Things

My name is Natalie Suda and I am currently a senior at Garnet Valley High School. Although this year has overall been tough, I think it was great to focus on my favorite things. These things mentioned are from some of my passions as well as the little things that bring me joy.

  1. Singing in my car

So much variety–there is music for any mood I am in.

  1. Christmas

Such a joyful time of the year that is great to spend with my family.

  1. Cold weather

Perfect temperature brings back such fun memories.

  1. Warm beach sand

My favorite part about the beach; it is very relaxing.

  1. Sitting by a fire and making smores

I think about all of the stories and quality time by the campfire.

  1. Football games

The most fun I ever had in high school were these nights with the marching band.

  1. October

Best weather, homecoming, and Halloween.

  1. My job

It constantly challenges me and I am surrounded by such positive people.

  1. Chick-Fil-A waffle fries with Polynesian sauce


  1. “Back to the Future” Movies

The the thought of time travel has always been so interesting to me.

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