Krati Dixit’s 10 Favorite Things

My name is Krati Dixit and am currently a senior. I moved to the United States recently in November 2019. Until then, I was living in India. I am pretty much an introvert. I am really organized and love cleaning and keeping things in order. 

  1. Music 

Listening to music makes me feel calm. Music helps me reduce anxiety and also helps me sleep better.

  1. Photography 

Photography helps me capture the memories I want to save forever. Whenever I miss anything, I just go back and look at the pictures I clicked. 

  1. Sleeping 

It helps me forget everything for a while. 

  1. My family 

I feel really happy about spending time with my family. 

  1. My old friends in India 

I was friends with them for more than 5 years. As such, I miss them a lot. I have a lot of good memories with them. 

  1. Dancing 

Dancing makes me happy. I forget about the present while I am dancing. 

  1. Eating 

Eating helps me reduce stress. 

  1. Running 

It makes me forget about the present and feel calm. 

  1. Crying 

It allows me to get everything out of my head. 

  1. Nature 

It makes me experience reality and beauty. I breathe a lot better when I am outside. It makes me feel happy. 

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