Elizabeth Rawa’s 10 Favorite Things

I’m as one might say….special. From aesthetically pleasing objects to meaningful human interactions, “My Favorite Things” are in no particular order. Some are broad and universally applicable (see #1) whereas others are very specific and niche (see #2). 

  1. Coffee

You either love it or hate it. I love it. The warm, fragrant nutty aroma is enough to open my sleepy, groggy eyes. Most non-coffee drinkers assume it’s the caffeine that draws me in; however, the comfort found in the habitual experience of the liquid gold in my favorite snowflake cup is incomparable. 

  1. Pose on Netflix

The Ryan Murphy directed 1980s-inspired TV show that follows the lives of the unremarkable, underrepresented queens of the New York City ballroom scene never fails to send me on a roller coaster ride of every emotion imaginable. The confidence and poise the women in the show possess in the midst of tragedy and hardship have the potential to inspire anyone. 

  1. Snow Days

I was afraid of the virtual learning method’s impact on snow days, but the graces of mother nature and Dr. Bertrando, Garnet Valley High School got the day to ourselves. The snow is falling, the weather is cold, hot chocolate is brewing. 

  1. Good Hair Days

I’m not too picky about my clothes and I don’t wear makeup. I avoid jewelry, perhaps it’s not my “thing”. But my hair… For some unexplainable reason, I take pride in my mousy-brown locks. Somedays, my hair decides to fall into place, my bangs decide to elegantly fall to either side without external effort. Those days are ones to cherish. 

  1. Candles 

From Yankee Candles to Bath and Body Works, the olfactory and visual stimulation of the melting wax and dancing flames can be memorable. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not the particular smell of the candle, but the warm aesthetic the candle provides for my lonely bedroom. 

  1. Crossing Off Items on My To-Do Lists 

Red marker in hand, the ten assignments due by Friday suddenly became nine. Then, the nine assignments due by Friday will suddenly become eight. The relief of removing another assignment from the seemingly endless compilation is enough to motivate me to complete another. Pretty soon, I’ll be able to cross off “1.6.7 Your favorite things” off my list of assignments due by Wednesday, December 23, 2020, at 11:59 pm. 

  1. Making People Laugh in Conversation 

If you can make me laugh, consider us settled down and married. Not a “haha” or a “LOL” but a “knspaivnasdnkfapdklsnv;aksnd”. Vise versa, I get so much happiness out of my successful jokes or comedic comments that make me feel wanted in the conversation. 

  1. When a “Problem-Child” Actually Has A Good Day 

As a student-teacher at East Coast Karate and an employee at an after-school program, I’ve dealt with my fair share of behaviorally-challenged children who will throw tantrums, refuse to follow instructions, and engage in any other behavior that draining my battery of precious energy. However, somedays, the stars in the universe align, and the growing list of negative experiences with the child comes to a halt. We can add a positive, fun interaction to the list.  

  1. Acknowledgment For My Efforts 

I work hard. As I’m sure many others would agree, it feels good when someone verbally notices your commitment to the project to get that final result. 

  1. Epic Mic-Drop Moments In My Essays 

If there are no mic-drop moments in the essay, then it needs more work. There’s a satisfaction and occurs after writing a really good sentence or miraculously articulating an argument. The best mic-drop moments are the ones that catch you by surprise. 

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