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Karina Shihadeh’s 10 Favorite Things

by GVHSJagJournal
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These are 10 of the favorite things in Karina Shihadeh’s life. Karina is 17 years old living in Southeast Pennsylvania. She is a senior in high school planning to attend a 4 year college to study pre-medicine in hopes of becoming an Anesthesiologist. Her hobbies include reading, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.

  1. Getting Ready For Night Plans After A Long Day At The Beach

My skin would be slightly burnt, sun-kissed enough so that it looks like I have natural blush. I have feelings of excitement as I know I am heading out to eat great food and just have fun with family/friends.

  1. Good Music

I love hearing a great song for the first time and knowing it will be on repeat. Music is very important to me, it can change any mood of mine and always makes me feel better.

  1. Getting Ready With Your Friends Before Going Out

The best is when my friends and I all meet in one spot before going out with each other. We’ll all be trying on each other’s clothes, doing each other’s makeup, squeezing in to see ourselves in the mirror as we put on mascara, and blasting fun music. Everyone’s excited to go out and just happy.

  1. Chocolate, Indulgent Food

One of the many simple pleasures in life. Chocolate is my favorite thing in the world, it always calms me when I’m mad, makes me feel better when I’m sad, and it’s amazing after a salty dinner. Also, the first bite of food after being super hungry all day is one of the best feelings.

  1. Christmas Music, Lights, Sounds

Sleigh bells with hot cocoa, beautiful lights, and old age Christmas music is one of the best feelings. It’s a nostalgic feeling of comfort and happiness.

  1. Making Others Laugh

The best is when I say something not even meant to be funny and everyone around me laughs. I love the feeling of bringing joy to others and contributing to their daily laughs, it makes me feel accomplished.

  1. My Dog Resting His Head On My Chest

One of the cutest and sweetest creatures is my dog. He is little and fuzzy and so snuggly. I love when he rests his head on me, it’s the most precious thing and I could sit like that for hours.

  1. A Fresh Makeover

I always feel so clean and fresh after a manicure. My hands feel soft and it makes me feel pretty. Then, my makeup and hair being done makes me feel so much more confident and makes me want to go out and see people.

  1. Hot Showers

After a long, cold day, nothing beats a hot shower. My showers are my “me time” where I can think quietly, listen to my music, and feel clean after a day’s work.

  1. Riding Ocean Waves With Friends

These are some of the happiest times on the beach where we’re all acting like kids again, riding the waves and splashing each other. The salty water feels great on a hot summer day and my friends and I are always laughing and having a great time with each other in the water.

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