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Lauren Block’s 10 Favorite Things

by GVHSJagJournal
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Lauren Block is a senior at Garnet Valley High School, and will be beginning college at Mount Holyoke in the fall. She works on multiple projects and campaigns, and is the chair of political action for the NAACP Media youth branch. 

  1. My Dog

My dog is a German Shepard named Roxy. She had darker coloring around her face and back, and she is a bit crazy. She chases after the remote control when we are watching TV, and she barks loudly and often. But, she’s also the sweetest dog in the world. She loves to play tug with me and waits for me in the doorway of my parents’ bedroom every night so that I will play with her before bed. She also looks for me in the morning so that I can pet her. She is my joy, and I can’t imagine life without her

2. Snails

I love snails. In fact, I love them so much that one day, I convinced my mom to let me have snails as a pet. She thought they were cute too, so with a bit of persuasion, she said yes. I ordered my snails, and I was supposed to have 5, but the company sent me 7 extra! They’re very small, so they are still only in a ten-gallon tank, and I love all 12 of the

3. My internet friends

One of my best friends of all time is named Victoria. The only problem is that she is in Germany, and I am most certainly not. We have gotten to spend time together in person on multiple occasions, but I still mainly get to see her through my phone only. She has been a huge support system for me. I also have been meeting a lot of people from my college online, and one of the other Early Decision students has become one of my friends. Her name is Hannah, and she is making me more excited for college by the day

4. Bread

I make bread constantly. Whether it be Challah or Focaccia, bread will be made. I love the smell through the house as it cooks and the taste of it after, but the best part is the process. It’s so soothing, nice, and calming on stressful days

5. Tofu

I genuinely think that I am addicted to tofu. I make tofu for lunch very often; it’s one of my favorite things to eat and make. I get off from school and immediately go to make the same spicy tofu bites day after day

6. The smells of creme brulee and hot buttered rum

Candles have my whole heart. I light them up and let the smells take over my room. Two of my absolute favorite candles come from this candy store called Penny Lane in the Poconos, and they smell like creme brulee and hot buttered rum

7. French lessons

I started taking French lessons apart from my french class in school last summer. My teacher Zack is from Paris, and I have been learning a lot from him! Someday I would love to visit France, and I would also love to be fluent someday

8. My mom’s pies

My mom makes pies every year for the holidays, but yesterday, she left over ingredients from Thanksgiving, so she made a surprise ice cream pie. It had mint ice cream, fudge, and a graham cracker crust. It was the best thing I have ever eaten.

9. Sherlock

If you remember Victoria from earlier on the list, she gifted me a stuffed animal unicorn one year for Christmas. The unicorn is pink and purple, and has beans in it so that it can be warmed up in the microwave. I sleep with him every night, and due to Victoria’s and my connection over the Sherlock series, the unicorn was named Sherlock to celebrate.

10. Video games

Recently, I have been playing the Nintendo Switch, which I received as an early Hanukkah/Christmas gift. On it, I have been playing Animal Crossing and Zelda, and I have had so much fun. It is great for car rides, and also just when I need to relax. I also have been watching YouTubers play games like Among Us because it is a great way to wind down after school and always makes me laugh.

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