GVPAA Performs “Our World Stopped”

By Rose DiPaolo

The GV Drama club set the stage on Friday, December 4th, for a socially distanced, partially virtual, and fully enjoyable performance.

The play, “Our World Stopped”, was written by the club’s director, Heather Arters, and contributed to by the entire Drama Club.  Students shared their stories about dealing with quarantine and the sudden loss of social interaction, as well as the challenges of online school. 

Several monologues took place virtually, in a mock Zoom format being projected onto a screen next to the stage. 

Though it was a chilly night, audience members were warmed by stories of the very human and relatable struggles students faced during this quarantine period. 

And it wouldn’t be a GVPAA production without music! Students performed a variety of songs, such as “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars, “When Will My Life Begin” from the Disney movie Tangled, and an original piece written by Heather Arters and sophomore Neala Carroll. 

Along with vocal performance, students did a number of dances. Rising from their chairs and shedding their heavy coats, the GVPAA performed “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing, “Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs” by Todrick Hall, and a medley of past GVPAA musical songs.

The GV Dance Team helped out as well, doing a skilled dance to Do What You Can.

The GVPAA also honored all performing seniors, giving them an extended bow for curtain call and a tribute dance, performed by the senior girls and several underclassmen. 

Did you miss the show? You’re in luck! The GVPAA is selling streams of the show, available to watch for up to two days after purchase. 

Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to support the arts and stream quality entertainment directly to your device and TV! 

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