GVHS Club Spotlight: December Feature

Organized by Robbie Gamble

The GVHS Statement of Vision maintains, “It is the vision of Garnet Valley Board of Education to create a premier school district which offers quality programs and instruction to students of all aspirations and abilities.” 

Under this philosophy, all high school students are encouraged to explore their interests and passions in a cultivating environment. As such, all students at GVHS are encouraged to discover their passions by participating in activities and classes that speak to them. So, it should be of no surprise that our school bolsters a large amount of student-run clubs and organizations—some of which are even nationally recognized! 

As a current senior in high school, I can tell you from experience that if you are really looking, you will find a club or class that tailors specifically to your interests. I began high school completely unsure of what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. However, through the many trials and tribulations of club testing and class samplings, I eventually realized that I had a true passion for leading and helping others. Although I can’t guarantee that you will share this same experience with me, I am confident that through enough self-reflection and exploration, GVHS will guide you towards your hidden passions and interests. 

Seeing the importance of extracurriculars and the many benefits they hold, I hope you will consider getting yourself involved in such activities. Many of the most popular and successful clubs at GVHS have done an outstanding job of steering prospective students towards a deeper understanding of themselves. However, there are many smaller clubs at our school which you may not even be aware of. I know I wasn’t! The clubs featured in this season’s “Club Spotlight” are Girl Up Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, and the Mock Trial Team. Each of these fantastic extracurriculars specializes in an entirely different subject of interest, and hopes to share their passions with you! 

I know from personal experience that participating in clubs may come as an afterthought for some high school students because they appear to take you away from time you can use studying, hanging out with friends, or relaxing. However, clubs at GVHS genuinely are an incredible opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like dedicating yourself to a specific field of interest. So, unless you are a person joining clubs for the sole purpose of college application boosts—something I would STRONGLY advise against—this article may actually end up introducing you to a club that will re-route your entire future! 

Girl Up

The Girl Up Club represents a diverse group of students that work together to discuss current events and promote the welfare of women and girls in developing nations. The club runs fundraisers that raise money for the Girl Up organization, which is overseen by the United Nations. Recently, it hosted an open forum discussion on how women are perceived in a society based on their clothing and had a fundraiser at Chipotle Mexican Grill! 

Girl Up is looking for members who are interested in women’s rights and issues and want to spark conversations that evoke change in the world. You do not need to identify as a female to be a member of our club, as all genders and identities are welcome!

Pictured above are the members of the 2019-2020 Girl Up Club

Please contact AlexandraCorcoran@garnetvalley.org for more information! 🙂

Dungeons and Dragons

Garnet Valley’s Dungeons & Dragons Club is a place where chaotic creativity shines. Many of its members see the club as a place to hang out with friends, laugh, and enjoy an adventure. Within their campaign, each player designs his/her unique character to seek fortune, battle monsters, or pretty much everything else. 

The beauty behind the club is that as long as you successfully roll for it, you can truly do whatever you want. Throw an ally at a monster’s gaping jaws? Sure! Attempt to romance the monster instead? Why not?!

No experience at all is necessary to join D&D–just a desire for adventure and a wonderful sense of humor! We usually meet every Friday after school in the library, but recent events have taken D&D online. Over platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Discord, your personal campaign can happen whenever you’d like!

Please contact JosetaPlotkin@garnetvalley.org for more information! 🙂

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a new club that aims to engage its members with realistic court cases that are typically argued in a real courtroom! The cases for the mock trial are typically taken from real criminal cases and require attorney teams and witnesses to collaborate for the event. The court case and oral arguments aid in increasing public speaking skills along with the ability for analytical thinking and formulating complex topics on-the-spot. These competitions are at the local, state, and national levels and include direct interaction with Pennsylvania BAR certified attorneys who help coach the teams! 

Mock Trial is looking for prospective students who are passionate about law and interested in practicing it in an enriching environment. The team accepts all students at any level of experience. So, whether you are the best debater and speaker in our school, or perhaps a shy student looking to gain skills in a practical and professional setting, Mock Trial is the club for you! 

Please contact MorganDempsey@garnetvalley.org for more information! 🙂

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