Introducing Literature Club!

Are you interested in books but want to read without the stress of academic expectations or grades? In Literature Club, also known as Lit. Club, we present the opportunity to let you discuss a book of your own choice with others free from pressure. We offer the choice between independent reading (reading a book on your own) and group reading (discussing a book together), as well as the prospect of writing book reviews for the school newspaper! We’ll have fun activities (watching movies), games, and prizes later on depending on how many books club members read over the year! Our current author of the month is Agatha Christie (spooky). Come to our meetings on Wednesdays at 1:30 PM if you’re interested! ( If you have any questions, contact me ( or Mr. Kocur (! You can also join our Remind group here for phone notifications! (

Happy perusing,

Patrick Li, Lit. Club president

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