High School Dual Enrollment: What is It?

By Brandon Gorski

Want to get college credits before you even finish high school? Well, you can do exactly that by taking courses at Delaware County Community College & Community College of Philadelphia. Both colleges allow you to take courses online or in person (depending on the subject) across your core or elective classes.

Many high schools around Philadelphia and Delaware county are unable to provide a wide variety of classes due to lack of funding or teachers. Therefore, these community colleges give students the ability to access a more advanced education before they have even finished high school. The best part about taking courses at these schools is that they will provide you with transferable credits to colleges around the state and country.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of these community colleges’ classes have gone virtual. There is an even greater incentive for students to take these classes because when school goes back to in-person, they will still be able to complete these courses online. Therefore, before the next semester fills up, be sure to register. If there are any courses that you can’t take in the school, check out the course catalogue at these schools.

If you have any questions that can’t be answered online, be sure to contact the dual enrollment counselors. You can get also their department numbers on their websites: https://www.dccc.edu/academics/programs/high-school-dual-enrollment & https://www.ccp.edu/academic-offerings/high-school-student-programs.

Whether you want to take a class in nursing, advanced math, economics or practically any subject, dual enrollment can help give you the opportunity to pursue what your passions!

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