Managing A Club Online

By Nathan Chen

This September, club leaders start online school with a bunch of problems that have to be worked out to get their clubs running. As the leader of Math Club and Programming Club, I’ll discuss the problems I have to overcome and how I aim to solve them.

First of all, how will clubs meet in the first place? Anyone who has had family attend a work meeting from home knows video calls are probably the most popular way to meet now. There are several platforms that support video calls — Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. — and each has its own advantages to evaluate. For my clubs, I plan on running meetings on Discord, simply because most members are familiar with it. 

Choosing a platform also depends on how meetings will work online. In person, Math and Programming Club meetings look like lectures, so I need a platform that can support that format online. The fact that Discord allows multiple users to share their screen at once is crucial since I want members to be able to illustrate an idea visually. Other platforms like Zoom limit the number of screen-shares to just one. 

Finally, Garnet Valley’s new schedule means only E and F days exist. Instead of using the letter days to coordinate, I probably have to use one of the five days of the week to coordinate meetings. 

Every club will have its own solutions when going online, but Math and Programming Club show my approach to running clubs in the next year. 

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