A Call to Leadership

By Robbie Gamble

For many of us, the GVHS freshman orientation was a fantastic opportunity to experience the school we would be spending the next four years of our lives in. Although some of us may have had previous experiences being inside the school—as GVHS does serve as the beating heart for many programs in Garnet Valley—for many of us, the first time we ever stepped through those doors was during our freshman orientation. 

I still remember my own orientation—all of my peers and I walked sluggishly towards the auditorium with our hands in our pockets. Despite our pubescent-induced qualms of fear and embarrassment, I believe many of us saw high school as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and start fresh. 

Unfortunately, this is an experience that our incoming freshman will not have. For obvious reasons, the freshman orientation for the incoming class was canceled. So, that moment we all shared, exploring the building that we would grow and thrive in for the next four years of our lives, is something the incoming freshman simply won’t get to experience. 

But, please don’t look at this article just as something you see on your TV and quickly flip off of. See this situation as an opportunity to put yourself out there and help those who will be missing out on such a crucial part of their high school experience. It is up to US, the veteran students of our school, to cultivate an environment of positivity and excitement for the incoming class. 

So, if you are a student leader working on a presentation for this year’s club fair, please go the extra mile and put some serious consideration and effort into your presentation. Make sure that you go above and beyond this year to give the freshman (and everyone) in our school an incredible experience online, one that they will look back upon fondly for years to come. The adults have done their part in preparing us for the upcoming school year, to make sure we can still have a great educational experience. However, as the student leaders, it is up to US to make sure our peers still feel as excited and passionate about embarking into this new stage of their life as we were entering our freshman year. 

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