December 6, 2023

The Student News Site of
Garnet Valley High School

By: Alec Eskin

This year has been a wild ride for students, teachers, schools, and high school sports ever since Governor Tom Wolf shut down Delaware County schools on March 13th. We’ve quarantined and masked up in hopes that a fall sports season and right now that looks to be the case. The Garnet Valley school board came to an agreement that would have fall sports starting on September 7th with the first games starting at varied times in late September and early October. Here’s what you need to know about Garnet Valley’s sports season:

First, they would only play in conference competition. So, they would only play teams in the Central League, which are: Ridley, Upper Darby, Lower Merion, Haverford, Harriton, Penncrest, Radnor, Springfield, and Marple Newtown, Conestoga, and Strath Haven. Also, they wouldn’t necessarily play all of these teams as some schools may opt out of the fall sports season on an individual basis. For example, Unionville is one school that has done this.

Second, only cheerleaders, band, football players and staff, and close friends and family of the players will be allowed to go to games. As of now fans will not be allowed into games, but since this is a fluid situation, that could change at any moment. So, this will be a significant change from what players and others in the high school sports community have seen.

Also, in regards to District and State playoffs, there is not a known conclusion on that yet. The way that those events will be conducted will be determined at a later date due to the fluid situation of COVID-19 in Delaware County and the rest of Pennsylvania. This also depends on what sport is being played as some District competitions have already been called.

The PIAA gave the green light in a 25-5 vote in favor of starting the fall sports season on August 24th after delaying it by two weeks. This then answered a lot of questions as to whether the PIAA and Governor Tom Wolf would even allow a fall sports season to happen, now we know.

It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks for Garnet Valley sports community as well as the high school sports community through out Pennsylvania. I am very excited for sports to start, however COVID-19 is still a threat. If Garnet Valley or any other district doesn’t feel comfortable playing fall sports then they could play in the spring. The PIAA also passed a resolution allowing any district to play fall sports in the spring time too. So, there is confidence that fall sports will be played at some point this year. Even though they might not look what they have been in the past, they should still bring excitement and positivity to a lot of people through out the great state of Pennsylvania.

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