“Remember Me Like This” Book Review

By Jocelyn Juliano

I recommend Remember Me Like This by Bret Anthony Johnston.  This book is a realistic fiction novel and it was a good read with an interesting storyline.  

When I began reading the book, I believed Remember Me Like This would be a mystery novel rather than a contemporary one. I thought the main character would be kidnapped, and the whole story centered around finding him. However, he is actually found early in the story, and the story is more about his readjustment to normal life. 

In this story, the main character, Justin, was kidnapped for four years. The story starts out with Justin’s family and it shows how the family has been affected by the kidnapping. However, early in the story, the police department calls the family because they found Justin. The story then explores their lives after Justin being found and how they tried to readjust to a normal life after four years. It is about this for a while, but then, the father and grandfather plot against the kidnapper, who is out of prison on bail.  The family is very on edge with the kidnapper being free, spiraling them towards anxiety. This is when the story starts to take a turn. I can not give too much detail about this, but there are a few twists that make the story very interesting in the end.

All in all, the story was slow in the middle, but takes a turn at the end that will leave the reader wanting to keep reading. Although it was not my favorite book, I would still recommend Remember Me Like This because it was interesting and had a cool storyline that I was not expecting.  

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