Science Olympiad Nabs Some Metal

The Science Olympiad team competed in the regional competition at Neumann University yesterday. Please join me in congratulating the entire team on winning fourth place overall. This is the team’s highest placing at the regional tournament. It qualifies the team to advance to the state tournament at Juniata College on 4/25. Contributing to the success were the following medal winners:
Vishesh Patel – 2nd Place Experimental Design, 1st Place Circuit Lab, 2nd Place Chemistry Lab
Katja Law – 1st Place Ornithology, 1st Place Circuit Lab, 4th Place Sound of Music
Aditi Sridhar – 2nd Place Experimental Design, 2nd Place Chemistry Lab
Katherine Li – 1st Place Ornithology, 4th Place Anatomy
Brandon Gorski – 2nd Place Astronomy, 3rd Place Geologic Mapping
Zora Mardjoko – 3rd Place Geologic Mapping, 3rd Place Disease DetectivesLizzy Nguyen – 3rd Place Disease Detectives, 4th Place Sound of MusicJuliet Yang – 4th Place Anatomy, 4th Place Designer Genes
Harry Markel – 2nd Place Astronomy
Kushagra Gupta – 2nd Place Experimental DesignBen Wu – 4th Place Dynamic PlanetAndrew Hua – 4th Place Dynamic Planet  
Afrah Riaz  – 4th Place Designer Genes
Additionally, club leadership this year has been exceptional and has formed and maintained a competitive team. They include:
Katja Law – PresidentVishesh Patel – PresidentKushagra Gupta – TreasurerShiva Ilayanambi – Secretary

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