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“Funeral” Album Review

by Karthik Reddy
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In his first album since ending the Carter series, Lil Wayne does not disappoint. Released on January 31, 2020 Funeral helped start the new decade of rap on the right (albeit morbid, hence the album title) foot.

As his fans know, Wayne brought a number of notable rappers onto the album, featuring the likes of Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and XXXentacion. With 24 entertaining songs, this album has a little bit of everything that made Lil Wayne’s career as memorable and successful as it has been, from his imaginative lyrics to some of the catchiest beats in the rap game, most notably in hits such as Mahogany and Line Em Up. He also had a couple of slower songs which tend to focus more on isolation and distrust, such as Sights and Silencers.

Throwing in a 24-second silence at the end of Bing James to honor Kobe Bryant and the song Harden (dedicated to NBA player James Harden) help round out the album. While there are a couple songs that do not land well, the ones that are successful demonstrate why he is a hip hop icon, as he jumps from verse to verse with an inspiration that not many rappers have anymore. He does just about everything in this album, from vintage auto-tune Wayne to his effortless flow. Despite its title. This album does not sound like a funeral. After its release, Lil Wayne assured the public that this is not the end of his career, so expect him to be coming back with another album. While Lil Wayne is getting older and is in his third decade in the rap game, he’s not done yet. 

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