December 6, 2023

The Student News Site of
Garnet Valley High School

By: Alec Eskin

This season has been one that has had both teams soaring above expectations and becoming one of the better teams in the Central League. Both of these teams have had elite defenses through out the entire year while also being able to produce a lot of offense too. One big accomplishment for both teams has been winning both of their holiday tournaments. This has been a really exciting year for the players, fans, coaches, and the Garnet Valley community. Lets take a deeper look into both of their seasons. . .

The boys basketball team is currently in 1st place in the Central League with a 17-1 record. This has been a huge step up from last year. One thing that Garnet Valley has done this year is they have preformed really well on the road this year with only loosing one game to powerhouse Lower Merion. This has been an uncommon trend for Garnet Valley boys basketball. Carl Schaller is currently leading all of Delco county with 20.2 points per game. He has taken a huge step in every part of his game, which has been huge for Garnet Valley. Then, you have Neel Beniwal with 14.4 points per game and then Valantis Apostolopoulos with 10.2 points per game. Also, they have made a huge improvement in their shooting with Carl Schaller leading the way in threes made followed by Gannon McKee. They will play in one of their biggest games of the year tomorrow against Lower Merion, which will be broadcasted with the stream going up around 6:50. An outstanding year for this team so far.

The girls basketball team was expected to take a large step back this year after all five of their starters graduated, however, that has been a false narrative this year for this team. This girls team is currently in 3rd place in the Central League behind Ridley and Springfield. This girls team is currently 13-4 heading down the stretch of the season. Their next game will be against Lower Merion away tomorrow. Liesl Dentinger is leading the way in points per game with 9.4. Also, Garnet Valley has still been able to work the ball in the paint even though they lost a lot of height from last year to this year. Then, on the defensive end, Garnet Valley is only allowing 31.19 points per game, very similar to last year. Garnet Valley has been able to excel this year in a lot of phases of the game.

Both teams are expected to get into the Central League playoffs, baring something unexpected. The quarterfinals for both boys and girls will be on February 8th, the semifinals on the 9th, and the Central League Championship will be on February 11th. All of which will be played at neutral sites. This should be an exciting end of the regular season.

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