Bring On The Bocce!

You’re hanging out in the cafeteria with your friends, waiting for the horrid senior lot to clear out so you can head home safely. Laughter escapes from the gym and the sound of rolling objects intrigues you. The GV Bocce team is a group of enthusiastic students who come together to celebrate the sport that has been popular on Wii and PS4. 

I talked to a senior on the team named Kristin Deaver. She told me, “Bocce ball is on its third season and is a unified sports team bringing students of all abilities together. The team started my sophomore year by our coach Mrs. Wozniak with only a few members and every year since it has only gotten bigger. This year we have the largest team ever and the season is going great so far! I am so thankful to be apart of such an uplifting and encouraging team. The bocce ball team practices like any other sport and competes against other schools in matches.”

The Bocce team has their only home meet on Thursday, the 16th. Come support the Bocce Team in the gym!


Andrew Amabile

Conor Blessington

Bobby George

Markus Foltz

Olivia Kurman

Jonah Garrett

Alex Shearon

Akshay Dadhich

Elizabeth Grose

Baileigh Green

Matthew Kinzel

Kevin McGarrey

Ryan Gallagher

Jake Cislo

Luke Raymond

Kristin Deaver

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