December 2, 2023

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Sports, Science, and Shakespeare: Garnet Valley Secures a Second Hi-Q Win

by GVHSJagJournal
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By Ben Nguyen

The Garnet Valley Hi-Q team (pictured below) crushed their competition last Friday at their second meet of the year, earning 75 points against rival schools Monsignor Bonner/Archbishop Prendergast High School and Springfield High School; their score in this meet of the quiz-bowl competition broke the existing all-time record for most points scored in a meet (72). Holding fast on the rails for their home meet in late January, the team hopes to score high again in order to also break the all-time record for points scored in a season. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to keep track of scores during the home meet:

  • On non-toss up questions (announcer will say which is which), questions are individually asked to each of the three teams competing with a 15 second time limit with the exception of Math (one minute). Each team can earn a maximum of 4 points on a question by getting it right on their first try, with additional attempts reducing the score they can get for a question (e.g. 3 points gained for getting a question right on the second try). Other teams can attempt to steal their question after the time limit has passed, gaining 1 point for each question answered correctly this way.
  • On toss up questions, the question is addressed and answerable by all teams for 4 points. Teams try to answer these questions as fast as possible, often knowing the answer before the question is fully announced.

See you at the home meet!

Pictured from left to right: Ben Nguyen, Harry Markel, Ryan Nagengast, Zora Mardjoko, Ani Jandhayala, Brandon Gorski, Vishesh Patel, Kushagra Gupta, Aadarsh Balaji, Aditi Sridhar

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