“Yummy” Song Review

Almost five years after the release of his acclaimed album Purpose, Canadian musician Justin Bieber dropped a new, albeit underwhelming, track: “Yummy”.

Bieber’s excessive use of autotune and redundant trap-beats fails to make “Yummy” stand out from most songs on the Billboard Hot 100. Not to mention, the pointless lyrics make the song almost unbearable; the terms “yum-yum-yum” and “yeah babe” are done to death in this single. Truth be told, I could not even finish the song on its first listen.

Considering his marriage to Hailey Rhode Baldwin and his ongoing battle with Lyme Disease, one would expect the 25 year old Bieber to release more unique and thought-provoking music. However, “Yummy” is a bland and asinine callback to his “Baby” days. The tune is clearly a cash grab, and nothing more.

Hopefully, Justin Bieber will unveil better tracks as the year progresses.

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