“The Boy On The Wooden Box” Book Review

By Megan Finnegan

The Boy On The Wooden Box, by Leon Leyson, was an outstanding book! It was so heartfelt and emotional.

In the book, Leyson recounts his experience being one of the youngest people to be saved on Oskar Schindler’s list during the Holocuast. Being someone who is interested in WWII, I found the premise intriguing. The fact that it took Leyson until 1994 to talk about his experiences as a child during this time gives you an idea of how horrible and traumatic it was.

In the book, Leyson’s description of Oskar Schindler makes him sound like a true hero, which he was. Needless to day, this book is for everyone. It’s written in an perfectly readable style, and I am sure that everyone who has read or will read this book loves it!”

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